Why a residential lift is the next big thing for your home

Products that increase people’s comfort are becoming increasingly popular – in Sweden, the robot vacuum cleaner was Christmas gift of the year for 2015. And this is a global trend – just look at smart locks, robot lawn mowers and home apps such as Nest.


With more and more products connected to the Internet, general expectations for Smart homes are on the rise – with people craving products and services that elevate their standard of living and simplify their everyday lives.

Great home lift designs

This is where the home lift comes in. A home lift truly simplifies life in your home. The design of home lifts has improved dramatically over the past couple of years, with beautiful glass models and the use of colours such as anthracite grey or moss green – designed to perfectly complement your home’s interior. Today, many home lifts are more like pieces of furniture than a purely functional item – and people buy them because they want to have something that their neighbours don’t.

Another reason why home lifts are on the rise is that they make the home unique. Personal and exclusive homes are a huge trend right now, and a home lift enables people to be early adopters while simultaneously increasing their level of comfort. A home lift also makes for an excellent conversation piece at dinners and parties – even after the party is over. It provides the same ‘wow factor’ as, for example, a Tesla. Your friends and their kids will be thrilled to try your home lift – and Instagram it!

Space-efficient homes

The current demand for space-efficient homes is another reason for the rising trend in home lifts. The ever-increasing cost of purchasing a home in urban parts of the world makes space more valuable than ever before. Many of today’s home lifts need no more space than a wardrobe! Some people want a small lift to assist them with carrying heavy shopping bags, while others choose a slightly larger one and use it for a broader range of activities – even stretching after that Pilates class at the gym. A home lift is a great way to increase the comfort of those around you – making your home more welcoming to friends, parents and loved ones.

In summary, home lifts are one of the next big trends in interiors for modern homes. Combining great design, function and innovation, a home lift provides the opportunity to make your home truly personal and unique – and we expect many people to make use of this opportunity in the years ahead.